Are you looking to upgrade the phone you have? Have you taken out a two year contract and after using the same phone for the last two years all the while watching your friends and family upgrade to the likes of the iPhone 7? Well my friend it’s time to get something new and improved. We’ve all been there. You’ve updated to the latest firmware and it has slown your phone down no end. It is literally a brick that can send and receive texts. What are you going to go for next? Have your eye on the new Samsung or are you Iphone through and through. We decided to have a look at some of the best phones out there right now to make it easier to choose.\


If you like many are true to android then this is the phone for you. It looks amazing. With the screen curving round the edges it looks ultra modern and sleek. It has one the best cameras on the market and is light years ahead of everyone else. You’ll get the most out of this phone as since it is android it is completely open. You can customise it any way you want. It’s not cheap though. Coming in at £679 (if you don't have a contact that is) but it’s worth every penny. If you are flush and fancy upgrading you can get your mitts on the Samsung Galaxy S8 plus for an extra £100. You’ll get a phone that is not only 0.4 inches bigger it also has a much better battery life. Inside doesn't change much but if you use your phone for more than just playing Angry Birds and calling your Nan the the S8 Plus is right up your street.


This is perfect for all those on a budget. This mobile phone comes with a full metal body but still has the ability to change the battery. That’s really useful to know as I’m sure you will be aware. It has a 16 megapixel camera which for the price alone is well worth the money. The LG G5 is sleek, fast and bright. The graphics display is really clear and is 5.3 inches. Not the biggest screen in the world but one of the clearest. One of the cool features this phone has is the ability to switch from the 16 megapixel camera to a wide angle 8 megapixel alternative. If mobile photography is your thing then you will have hours of fun being creative. The only draw back is that the Lg G5 comes with 32GB of memory which is expandable but you might find you fill this one up quick. For £40 it is a great bit of kit for someone in the mid range market.


This is the mac daddy (no pun intended.) It is by far the most expensive phone on this list but it is way ahead of its counterparts. This phone is ultra fast. It boasts the brand spanking new 2.23GHz A10 Fusion chip and will handle anything you throw at it. With a 21 megapixel camera and up to 256GB of storage this phone is phenomenal. One drawback that I’m sure anyone that has ever had an Apple phone will agree on is the constant need for updating and the almost unbearable harassment if you miss an update. With Apple updates it seems as if they release it with the bugs included and I have had heard many a horror story of people not being able to use their phone properly until it is fixed. A minor issue but one to ate note of.

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